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Customer Success Story

Bentley Bros.

HBS Systems has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Bentley Bros., a multi-location
Elite Kubota dealership in New York. We’re pleased to share their experience
and how they discovered, that choosing HBS Systems as the partner for the life of
their business was the best decision they have made to decrease errors, increase
efficiency and maximize profitability to grow their business.



Bentley Bros. has successfully utilized HBS Systems for many years enjoying incredible growth; however, to continue growing, they needed to implement rental. At the time, HBS Systems didn’t offer rental. “We left to go to another DMS software provider; however, we quickly realized the exemplary customer support we had experienced at HBS Systems was missing in our new provider. As our team became more frustrated with the lack of response from the customer support at our new DMS software provider, we knew we had to make the switch back to HBS Systems, shares Laura Bentley, President of Bentley Bros.


Bentley Bros. worked closely with the development team on creating the rental management features the software offers today and continues offering suggestions that have been implemented in the software to benefit all HBS Systems dealerships. “We’re so happy we decided to come back! HBS Systems equipment rental software has increased profitability at Bentley Bros and allows us to meet the demands of our customers and continue to grow our business,” shared Bentley. Beyond the innovative rental solutions and exemplary customer support that HBS Systems provides, Bentley Bros. enjoys the reporting to quantify problem areas in the dealerships operations. Laura Bentley shared, “The reporting capabilities in HBS Systems are amazing and provide us with unlimited opportunities to quantify problem areas like inefficiency in shop operations. For example, we were able to correct where we were spending time on unbillable hours within the shop to increase profitability. We recently implemented an incentive program for our service technicians based on information the Service Reporting provides. The detailed reports allow us to track our service department to increase efficiency in the department increasing profitability as well as employee and customer satisfaction.”


The service technician incentive program that Bentley Bros. implemented with the detailed HBS Systems service reports increased efficiency by 35%. “By tying incentives to key performance metrics such as billable hours and service completion times, our technicians could better understand the goals which motivated them to excel and achieve higher levels of performance. This incentive program not only increased employee morale but also increased productivity and profitability. It was an important step in strengthening our customer satisfaction as we were able to reduce service turnaround times and minimize downtime for our customers. They have come to expect a superior service from our Elite Kubota dealerships and we’re proud to be able to continue to improve upon it. This has increased customer loyalty and we’ve seen repeat business at both locations.”

Often teams have differing opinions of the dealership management system they utilize, that’s why we asked several Bentley Bros. employees for their thoughts on using HBS Systems. “If we have any kind of problem we email or call and they are on it to get it solved. I’d highly recommend HBS Systems to any dealership to improve workflow. They truly understand the business,” shared, Melissa Webster, Sales Administrator, Bentley Bros.” 

HBS Systems constantly strives to enhance our equipment dealership management software by listening to our customers to improve upon business processes. Bentley Bros. has played a vital role in those improvements.

“I’d highly recommend HBS Systems to any dealership to improve workflow. They truly understand the business.”

Bentley Bros. has a partner that shares their focus on finding and adapting solutions to their needs, provides ongoing training and allows them to decrease errors, increase efficiency and maximize profitability while receiving the exemplary customer support they need to grow their business.

To learn more about how HBS Systems can Advance Your Dealership, contact our experienced team at 800-376-6376 or

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