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Kubota DMS

As an Elite Kubota DMS provider, HBS Systems has proudly served equipment dealerships for 35+ years with our industry-leading NetView ECO platform. Elite status is not self-proclaimed but earned from Kubota based on how efficiently we build our integrations and how successfully they are used in day-to-day operations by Kubota equipment dealers throughout North America.

Our integrated Kubota solutions are designed to streamline your entire business. We simplify complex Kubota processes with automation and an intuitive design. NetView ECO improves your dealership’s accuracy, usability, and efficiency, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. Our web-based software allows you to easily manage Accounting, Parts Inventory, Units, Service and Warranty, and Rental, including mobile access for remote technicians.

Our secure cloud-based data platform scales to your business’s needs and offers accessibility from any Internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets, allowing your employees to stay connected to your business no matter where they are. HBS Systems prides itself in providing advanced technology today that positions your dealership for the future.

Here are some key features of HBS Systems Kubota dealership system integrations.

Warranty Campaign Lookup 

  • Inquire about complete warranty status of the unit 
  • Quickly find open campaigns 
  • Display current registered owner 

Kubota Invoice Download/Import (US Only) 

  • Automated invoice downloads from Kubota 
  • Import parts invoices directly into AP 
  • View and print Kubota invoices within your NetView ECO app 

Updated KPAD 4.0 Integration 

  • Integrated pricing, bin location, on-hand, and on-order information directly into KPAD cataloging (US Only) 
  • Easily transfer parts from KPAD shopping cart to NetView Parts Invoice 

Kubota Dealer Analytics 

  • Simplify and streamline trial balance submission directly from your NetView ECO 
  • KDA provides key metrics for comparison within dealer peer group 

Fully Automated Price Book Updates 

  • Inventory price updates 

Parts e-Commerce 

  • Validate orders, process payments, fulfillment, and more 

Integrated Kubota Flat Rate Guides for Service 

  • Fully automated updating 

Parts Locator Upload 

  • Daily automated Kubota parts inventory upload for parts locator use 

IKQ Integration 

  • Import Kubota equipment quotes directly into unit quotes/sales routines 

Warranty Submission 

  • Extract warranty details directly from HBS Systems to pre-populate Kubota warranty claims without rekeying information 
  • Add additional information including pictures and other attachments directly from the NetView Kubota Warranty app 

Kubota Smart Supply 

  • Daily parts activity is uploaded from HBS Systems to Kubota Smart Supply 
  • Suggested orders and transfers are available to process in HBS Systems 

Parts Ordering & Status 

  • Validate and submit parts orders directly from the NetView Kubota app to Kubota 
  • Check open order status 
  • Parts Inquiry for stocked items in Kubota warehouses 
  • Parts Inquiry for dealer-stocked items (Dealer Locator) 
  • Kubota Warehouse Inquiry integrated into standard inventory query 

Kubota Telematics 

  • Track unit location for dealer and customer-owned fleets 
  • Geo-fence job sites to receive notifications, minimize theft, and monitor for potential misuse 
  • Monitor unit meters and usage time for preventative maintenance, cost savings, and rental contract accuracy 
  • Receive fault codes to expedite work orders 
  • Manage from one customizable screen through NetView ECO’s Service Connect, accessible from anywhere on any device 

If you are looking for an award-winning Kubota dealership system to reduce errors, increase efficiency and maximize profitability at your equipment dealership, call 800-376-6376, email sales@hbssystems.com, or click here to book a demo today.