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Fully integrated software solutions designed for screening and aggregate dealerships to seamlessly flow through the unique aspects of your entire operation. Real-time data provides insight into every department empowering your team to confidently make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability.
Aggregate Dealer Management Software

Case Studies

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Dealer Management System

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Dealer Management System

Today, there are many dealership management software (DMS) providers out there that provide a basic and cost-effective solutions for managing your dealership. However, many are entry-level systems and as dealerships grow their business, they quickly come to realize...

Increase Loyalty in the Service Department

Increase Loyalty in the Service Department

An equipment dealership’s service department is an invaluable asset when it comes to customer retention and loyalty. Focusing and implementing on the right strategies in the service department can also positively impact the wholegoods and parts departments. When...


Lance McMaster

HBS Systems is easy to use. It’s easy to look up parts and whole goods, saving us time and money.

Roy Arthur

They answer all of our questions regardless of how many times we have to ask them. Sincere thanks for all your work on behalf of the dealers you serve. Keep listening to what your dealers are telling you they need.

Angela Witham

The personal connections the HBS Systems team makes in addition to the best customer service in the industry is why I would recommend them to any dealership.

Maria Sauceda

Quick response when we have an accounting question. Best customer service with great people who are always ready to help.

Adele Wells
Brown Company

HBS Systems provides excellent customer service. Our team consistently gets fast results with any problems solved on our first call.  I’d tell any dealership to take a look at their software.

Debbie McClain

I’d recommend any dealership to take a look at HBS Systems. Every time I have an issue, I submit a case and receive a call the same day. The problem is fixed right away. They have the best system in the industry.

Tammy Potestio

It has saved me hundreds of hours on the John Deere statement reconciliation alone. The automatic pricing updates improve accuracy saving us time and money.

Craig Smith

I know hosting training offices in both the US and Canada is not cheap, but it sets your company apart. With the support, HBS Systems provides, I do not have a worry in the world.

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