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Badger Contractors Rental & Supply

HBS Systems focuses on partnering with dealerships to improve the life of their
business. Read how Badger Contractors Rental & Supply, a multi-location full service
equipment and tools dealership, has increased profitability and enhanced customer satisfaction at their business by using our fully-integrated NetView ECO dealership management system.


Badger Contractors Rental & Supply construction equipment and tools dealership was in search of technology to help improve the workflow for their sales and service departments as well as increased functionality for their growing rental business. They weren’t getting the support and service they expected from their previous ERP, and needed a partner that would not only be able to service both their sales and rental customers, but also provide their team with access to data whether on the showroom floor, in the service department, or at the job site. Brian Mueller’s team prides itself on being friendly and knowledgeable, with a focus on adapting solutions to their customer’s individual needs, and wanted to find an ERP that shared that business philosophy.


In 2016, Badger Contractors Rental & Supply was evaluating their options and didn’t know if HBS Systems would be able to handle the growing rental side of their business. “After an extensive search comparing the best equipment rental software providers in the equipment and tool rental dealer market, Badger Contractors Rental & Supply determined that HBS Systems’ eager development team that created solutions within the software, based upon their specific needs, was such a refreshing change,” said Brian Mueller, Badger’s CFO. What made HBS Systems’ product such “an easy choice” for them was the fact that HBS System’s NetView ECO’s innovative product was truly web-based, giving our team access to information from anywhere on any device,” and how “the seamless integration of the ARA Rental Market Metrics… built into the software, [allowed] for easy and meaningful industry reporting.”

Brian continued, “HBS Systems’ fully integrated accounting enabled Badger Contractors Rental & Supply to quickly establish an ROI, as an additional accounting package wasn’t needed for revenue recognition, something that was lacking in the other rental software products we researched.”

Results & Solutions

“The attention our business got right out of the gate set the bar extremely high, and our training was phenomenal” said Christopher Muller, Badger’s Vice President. “We immediately benefited from the real-time updates that are crucial when handling our rental customers. NetView Active Desktop allowed us to quickly see our available inventory, status of machines in service, and
better understand demand for future planning all on one screen. The rental utilization and financial reports we can pull on-demand are fantastic! This vital information has allowed our team to capitalize on higher producing rental assets, further increasing profitability more than 10%.”

“Beyond vast improvements in our large rental division we’ve been able to better service our customers as we now have access to their entire history on one screen. We’ve reduced wait time on special orders and improved inventory based upon stock reports that utilize past sales and specific buying habits of each customer. The service department is an important profit center for every dealership. HBS Systems was able to bring over all the information from our past system, and with the improved functionality of NetView ECO, we’ve been able to better track warranty and service on that equipment. Exceeding customer expectations has strengthened loyalty and increased repeat business, leading to more than 5% increase sales in the last year alone. It’s been impressive to be able to see the increased efficiencies we have gained across the entire business.”

“We immediately benefited from the real-time updates that are crucial when handling our rental customers.”

Badger Contractors Rental & Supply now has a partner that shares their focus on adapting solutions to their needs, which allows them to fulfill their own customers needs.

To learn more about how HBS Systems can Advance Your Dealership, contact our experienced team at 800-376-6376 or sales@hbssystems.com.

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