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HBS Systems | August 11, 2022
HBS Systems Dealer Business System Implementation

Investing in a dealer business system can be both an exciting and stressful time for an equipment dealership.  When implementing a new dealer business system at your equipment dealership, it affects every department and your entire operation, that’s why it’s important that you select the right partner with years of experience in successful conversions.  Consistent communication and collaboration coupled with best-in-class training and award-winning customer support are what make a world of difference in setting up your dealership for success.

At HBS Systems, we host teams in the US and Canada to support your employees.  During the implementation of your new dealer business system, we consistently work with you to ensure everyone has the support and training they need to be successful.  We also provide 24/7 access to step-by-step instructions, videos, and our digital NetView Learning Center all available within the NetView Help section of your NetView ECO dealer business system software.

HBS Systems offers several ongoing training options to fit your unique needs and provide your team with a holistic understanding of your new dealer business system. All courses are taught by knowledgeable trainers who have first-hand experience using HBS Systems NetView ECO software.  To further set us apart, the majority of the HBS Systems team has dealership experience doing the same job your employees perform every day.

As you switch over to your new dealer business system, we convert your data digitally to ensure you don’t lose valuable information. We’ve converted thousands of dealerships for 35+ years and understand what it takes to adopt a new dealer business system and are on call M-F 7 am-7 pm CST at 800-325-2252 or anytime by email at support@hbssystems.com to serve you.  Every email sent to support is tracked and managed and all calls are recorded to ensure we provide the award-winning service that has allowed us to enjoy numerous long-term partnerships with customers since HBS Systems was founded in 1985. Don’t just take our word for it, read what HBS Systems customers say about their experience.

Our team at HBS Systems wants to support in achieving success at your dealership and we will help you do the hard work it takes to get there as we work to implement your new business dealer system, NetView ECO software. Contact our team today at 800-376-6376 or sales@hbssystems.com.


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