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New Holland DMS

HBS Systems is an approved New Holland DMS provider for CNH Industrial brands and equipment lines. Our team has proudly served as the best New Holland dealership software system to New Holland equipment dealerships for 35+ years with our industry-leading NetView ECO dealer management system. HBS Systems development team works closely with CNH Industrial inspiring innovation to ensure dealers have up-to-date tools.

Our integrated New Holland DMS solutions are designed to streamline your entire business. We simplify complex CNH Industrial processes with automation and an intuitive design. NetView ECO improves your dealership’s accuracy, usability, and efficiency, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. Our web-based software allows you to easily manage Accounting, Parts Inventory, Fleet Management, Service and Warranty, and Rental, including mobile access for remote technicians.

Our secure cloud-based data platform scales to your business’s needs and offers accessibility from any Internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets, allowing your employees to stay connected to your business no matter where they are. HBS Systems prides itself in providing advanced technology today that positions your dealership for the future.

Here are key features of HBS Systems’ best New Holland dealership management systems integrations.

Parts Ordering & Status

  • Validate and submit parts orders directly from the NetView ECO CNH Industrial app to CNH Industrial
  • Check open order status
  • Parts Inquiry for stocked items in CNH Industrial warehouses
  • Parts Inquiry for dealer-stocked items (Dealer Locator)
  • CNH Industrial Warehouse Inquiry integrated into standard inventory query

Parts Locator Upload

  • Daily automated CNH Industrial parts inventory upload

Fully Automated Price Book Updates

  • Inventory price updates

Warranty Submission (coming soon)

eCommerce Integration

  • Real-time access increases customer satisfaction

Integrated CNH Industrial Flat Rate

Guides for Service

  • Fully automated updating for legacy and current models
  • Preventive maintenance guides

CNH Financial Solutions

  • FreedomPay integration for CNH Financial Cardholders
  • Streamlined financial submission

AMAX Managed Parts Inventory

  • Upload daily parts stocking and sales history
  • Download suggested stock orders, parts transfers and parts returns

CNH Industrial Parts Catalog

  • Integrated pricing, bin location, on-hand, and on-order information directly into CNH Industrial cataloging (US & Canada Only)
  • Easily transfer parts from CNH Industrial shopping cart to NetView Parts Invoice

To learn more about our award-winning New Holland DMS integrations call 800-376-6376, email sales@hbssystems.com, or click here to book a demo today.